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Hoping someone can help me. I am researching options for a few projects. I am fairly new to programming languages so I would like to choose a solid platform to learn. I have four projects to start as follows:

Create a database driven Corporate Application that includes modules for User Information (Name, Position, Department, Education, Pay Grade, etc.), Scheduling, Asset/Inventory Management, Purchasing, etc. It would be nice to have the application run on multiple platforms (Windows, Apple, etc.).

Create a Database Driven Web Site that includes a CMS. It should include rich media content, Blog, Forums, Chat, eCommerce, etc. It would be nice to have the web site execute on multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Create a mobile phone application that can execute on multiple devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.).

Create a mobile phone game that can execute on multiple devices (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.).

I was hoping to learn a language or languages that could be used for all these projects. Learning one language would be preferred but I think that is not possible. I was also hoping to combine the Corporate Application and the Website into one application.

I've researched quite a bit and I'm not sure what to choose, especially for mobile phone app development. Below are a few options I've researched. Please let me know what you recommend or if you suggest I use something else. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated.

WebMatrix 2 as IDE and HTML5, ASP.NET, JAVA as dev language?

There's no right answer to what is the best choice, as it's ultimately going to be down to personal preference and cost. There are, obviously, some things that you can immediately rule out, such as Objective C and Java (you can't run either of these on a Windows Phone for instance).

One choice would definitely be C# running on Mono - Xamarin have versions that target a wide variety of devices from the same source. The downside to this, of course, is that this costs.

The alternative is to use HTML5/CSS/JavaScript to produce applications that run on the different devices. You could use something like PhoneGap to produce this - and it runs inside Visual Studio.

The best way for you to proceed is to download some of the different options, have a play around and decide what fits for your personal needs.
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Seems you are pretty ambitious...gud fr u.. :)

1)First of all, for your first requirement, a DB driven corporate application which you wana run on multiple platforms, I am afarid one single language won't suffice.
For Windows, you may go for C# as the dev language, SQL as backend and Visual Studio 2010 as IDE.For this very app on Apple platform, you will have to learn another language, Objective C i guess.

2)For ur second requirement, you can go with C# and VS 2010..for rich UI stuffs u cn use WPF,HTML5,CSS 3.0,AJAX..even you can embedd JQuery Codes and stuffs...The dev langugae may be C# and all these above will be actually add ons to make your website look attractive n quite appealing.

3)For your 3rd requirement, a multi platform mobile application, I guess Java will can code Android and Iphone apps in Java...even you can code Android in C#...Not very sure about Blackberry

4)Same applies for your mobile phone game...

But on the contrary I will suggest that you either start with one platform at a time and start to code your apps...If you start with .NET and C#, you can easily achieve your most of the objectives, except for multi platforms stuffs...Because attempting these on a single platform itself will be a hectic task..believe takes a lot of time and a hell lotta efforts to code something when you are pretty new..But patience will take you there..:):)

Keep researching..

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Pete O'Hanlon 12-Feb-13 6:55am    
Anurag, there are many routes to cross platform development that support different devices. As I show in my answer, you can use something like PhoneGap, or you could use C# with Mono - take a look at
Anurag Sinha V 12-Feb-13 8:23am    
Hi Pete...thx fr the comment..I appreciate it...I am aware of Mono by Xamarin..but I knew that we can code Android apps with Mono in C# as against Eclipse in Java...does it work for Iphone and Blackberry apps too??

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