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Let's say there is a table Employee with columns Id (primary key), Name and Salary. How can I display 3 rows of employees with the highest salaries?

Try something like this:
SELECT TOP(3) [ID], [Name], MAX([Salary])
FROM YourTable
GROUP BY [ID], [Name]
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shiny13 12-Feb-13 8:16am    
That's ok no need to join, the table Employee has these columns: Id, Name and Salary. You can just perform this operation there.
Maciej Los 12-Feb-13 8:19am    
You're right! Thank you.
shiny13 12-Feb-13 8:27am    
Best answer! :)
Maciej Los 12-Feb-13 9:19am    
Thank you ;)
Espen Harlinn 12-Feb-13 11:27am    
select top 3 Name,Salary from Employee order by Salary desc

Edit by shiny13: Oracle equivalent to Top is Rownum, for MySQL its limit.
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shiny13 12-Feb-13 8:07am    
Thanks! Is this only for SQL Server? Or will this sql also run in MySQL and Oracle? Is there any chance to solve this with aggregate functions like Max(Salary) ?
shiny13 12-Feb-13 8:27am    
I have found the solution to Oracle, the equivalent to Top is Rownum. For MySQL its limit... Thanks for suggesting Top though.

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