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I made a programmed to Transfer Employee's To Other Company Therefore I used Two DataGridView, In First DataGridView Component I Bind it with database and Add One Another columns, and it's a checkboxcolumn,
Now I want to Copy/Transfer Rows From One DataGridView1 To DataGridView2 When I Tick or Checked; ChecekColumnBox in First DataGridView1.
Updated 29-Jan-19 9:22am

1 solution

I got It........
I made New and success in datagridview1 rows copy to another datagridview2 in

below is a code on button12_click Event

Private Sub Button12_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button12.Click

        Dim c, t As Integer

        For t = 0 To dg1.Columns.Count - 1

        For c = 0 To dg1.Rows.Count - 1
     If dg1.Rows(c).Cells(4).Value = True Then
                dg2.Rows.Add(dg1.Rows(c).Cells(0).Value, dg1.Rows(c).Cells(1).Value)
                dg2.Columns(2).Visible = False
                dg2.Columns(3).Visible = False
     End If

    End Sub

Use it..............

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Nelek 13-Feb-13 3:10am    
Self-solved in the same minute of the question.... that was fast :)
Remoddn 13-Feb-13 3:29am    
Yes! Nelek Because of I m trying or finding this question's answer but unable to find therefore today I create and find solution so; I post both of them, i.e. question's with answer.

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