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Hi everyone!

Part of my project is to give the user an option to clone/duplicate a row to the bottom "newrow" incase they want to make 1 or 2 cell edits. This is what I have so far in accomplishing this mission.

            catch (Exception ex)

setDuplicateRowValues is supposed to copy the selected row cells to a variable (1 variable per cell). setNewRowCellValues is supposed to set the values of the cells in the newrow(editing row) the values of what the variables contain. Is there a more efficient way to do this (i.e. with the Clone method)? The first column is an ID column and we want to increment each new addition (no matter if it's a duplicated row or a row created brand new and keep the first column read-only). I have 25 columns and want this to be as performance efficient as possible.

Thanks everyone!

1 solution

DataRow's have an ItemArray property that represent all the field values as an object[].

DataRow existingrow = //Your existing row;
var newrow = tbl.NewRow();
newrow.ItemArray = existingrow.ItemArray;

And then just increment the ID if you're DataTable's schema isn't configured to do so. This gives you a bit of protection against future column changes and data type consistency. Should be faster too - haven't benchmarked it myself yet though.
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