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c code for snake game for visual studio 2012 ultimate.
i found some for turbo but unable to make them work on visual studio 2012.
OriginalGriff 16-Feb-13 3:27am    
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?
We don't just provide you with a complete app - we help you to solve problems.
moni5592 16-Feb-13 3:52am    
yup but that is my problem. Since I am new to visual I am unable to build the same programs which I run successfully on turbo.
OriginalGriff 16-Feb-13 4:08am    
Yes - that is kind of the idea :laugh:

It's a different way of doing things - the more so depending on what version of which "turbo" you were talking about (it goes back to Turbo-C for Dos) so the whole way programs work and are designed has changed, not to mention the operating systems!

If you want to write programs on VS2012 (or even VS2008!) I wouldn't start with C, not any more. There are much, much easier ways to get started and working - C is very, very outdated in the PC / mobile world these days.

What are you trying to do? (Not "write a snake program", but why do you want to write a snake program?)

Take a look at this one:[^]

Implementing Snake

Games like Snake where objects are moving over a 2D field can represent the game objects either in a 2D grid or as a single dimension array of objects. Object here meaning any game object not an object as used in object oriented programming.

View the Snake Source Code ()[^]
Download the Snake Executable plus files (zip) ()[^]
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merano 17-Feb-13 16:34pm    
This Solution does only support a-s-d-w keys no arrow keys, why ?

Here a solution for that:

keypressed = event.key.keysym.sym;

// ##########################
// support arrow keys
keypressed = LEFTKEY; // alternate SDLK_a
keypressed = RIGHTKEY; // alternate SDLK_d
case SDLK_UP:
keypressed = UPKEY; // alternate SDLK_w
keypressed = DOWNKEY; // alternate SDLK_s
// ##########################
Leo Chapiro 18-Feb-13 1:01am    
@merano: Good point, thank you for this advice even if the code is not mine :) I also see no reason why the arrow keys are not supported by the author - that makes no sence ...
You find an object oriented solution based on class CSnake here:

Snake Game in a Win32 Console[^]
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Leo Chapiro 18-Feb-13 0:55am    
I saw this one, seems not to be a good solution, see the comments to this article like e.g.: "Im a student and that source would make me think "Wow what a noob", the problem is I think you know that this is bad code and put it up for beginner students to understand (as there familiar with poor structure)" :(
Here is a Discussion about snake (in german)[^]
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