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I have a GridView Control in a UserControl. AllowPaging=True. The data source is assigned in page where the control is used, after declaring a Page.DataSource as public property. when i set the page.datasource property, I also call GridView.DataBind. Databinding works fine and data is displayed correctly.

OnPageIndexChanging event is handled by setting GridView.PageIndex=e.NewPageIndex. I am not binding the data after this, coz when I do that, no data is displayed in the grid at all.

But, when I click a page index (say 3) in a page where the control is used, the gridview page does not change. If i click another page index (say 7), then the grid navigates to the previous index (that is, 3)!

I put break points and found that the GridView_PageIndexChanging event is handled twice, but with correct index selected in the pager in each occasion. Otherwise, no error messages or other significant observations.

Can anyone help me resolve this?

1 solution

verify whether your event is already fired or not

public partial class MyUserControl : UserControl
    private bool hadLoaded;
    public MyUserControl()
        this.Loaded += delegate
            if (!this.hadLoaded)
                this.hadLoaded = true;

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GeoNav 16-Feb-13 22:14pm    
This code prevents loading of the control twice. Will this also prevent repeated firing of the OnPageINdexChanging event? Or do I have to check if the event was fired before allowing the event to fire?
I am adding the UserControl using mark up.
GeoNav 1-Mar-13 8:36am    

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