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I am learning the ropes of Visual C++. I want to load a bitmap file(DIB), find out individual raw pixel values(RGB) and process. I am understanding bitmap,palettes etc. I have tried:

if (nColors > 256)
    m_palette.CreateHalftonePalette (&dc);

   pOldPalette = pDC->SelectPalette (m_palette, FALSE);
   pDC->RealizePalette ();
   CDC memDC;
   memDC.CreateCompatibleDC (pDC);
   CBitmap* pOldBitmap = memDC.SelectObject (pBitmap);

Would this give me the accurate pixel values? Independent of palette, if at all it is necessary. Thanks in regards,

1 solution

GetPixel() will return a COLORREF data type. You can then get 3 values (Red, Green, and Blue) using the following formula:
The low-order byte will contain the Red value, the second byte is for green, and the third byte contains a value for blue.
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