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How do i convert a char to a System::String^?

I have this:

System::String^ text;
 text = UART_WriteBuffer[UART_WriteIndexTail].ToString();

where UART_WriteBuffer is a char[] and it contains "at\r". UART_WriteIndexTail ranges from 0 to 2.

I want text to contain "a" after the conversion but it contains "97" the ASCII value of "a" represented as a string.
Updated 27-Jan-10 6:46am

Easy way to do this is to create String^ from the character array and use the indexer on string.
String^ text = gcnew String(UART_WriteBuffer);
Now you can write text[UART_WriteIndexTail].ToString()
If you need a single character then you may do
System::String ^ text = gcnew String("");
str += (wchar_t) a[0];


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