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Refer to my original project to see the background: Creating a NFO Viewer in C# as a beginner[^]

I'm creating a lot of designs for it and lately I wanted to try some applications which are partly semi-transparent. The idea is as the following image shows:
In this case I've created 2 forms, 1 100% visible with all controls and an extra form for the semi-transparant part of the image. So the image I want to use, also has to be split in 2 parts before I import it. After importing and loading on right place, I had to create code that will move both forms at same time. I've done this by adding the 'newlocation' for form2 after moving form1 in with the mousemove method.

Problems I have with this one:
Moving isn't precisely at same time, there's some latency, which causes gaps to appear between the two picture-parts...
When I want to move my application using the 2nd form, it won't work (activates 2nd form focus). As it could override the main form, I had to set alwaysontop, so I can't put any other applications in front of it.
I want to have it working like one form.

I tried to create a partly semi-transparant image using GIMP, export it as png or gif. But it's hard to maintain the transparency and I couldn't import it in Visual Studio (transparency gone).

Is there some way to import partly transparent images in Winforms somehow?
Or is there some way to improve the way when combining 2 forms to make 1 picture?
Any advise would be welcome, this is the first time I try something like this and I almost got it working, but it's not very practical for me.

Thanks beforehand!

to make the Form transparent and not the Controls you do this
You can use 1 form for all of this - easily.
BackColor = Color.Blue;
TransparencyKey = Color.Blue;

use this in your Form_Load
everything that is blue will be transparent.

if you need to remove the border of your form to

FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None;
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DarkTyranno 21-Feb-13 4:44am    
If I use 1 form, it will mean that my whole image will be semi-transparent right?
Using TransparencyKey means removing that color, I just want to look through specific parts of the picture as you can see on my demo picture in the question link.
You can see that I already removed the borders as well ;)
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:00am    
nope - what the code does is, it makes the Forms background transparent - then you just need to add an imagebox control - for your "background" -image
check my screenshot

why do you need to use 2 forms?
DarkTyranno 21-Feb-13 5:08am    
I don't know if I need to use 2 forms, but for me it was the easiest way to make the lights semi-tranparent.I have form2 with background picture 'lights only' and Opacity xx% and my form1 (mainform) with the flying car and Opacity 100% + all controls. Don't know if there is an easy way that will get the same result yet using Winforms, so if anyone knows, that would be cool.
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DarkTyranno 21-Feb-13 5:18am    
Isn't this for complete transparency as well?
I work with Opacity of the form to look through that picture, but this shouldn't work on 1 image in 1 form. The backcolor is already set to white or transparent to remove the big block of that color from around my whole application. If I chose another color from my picture, I'm sure the white returns.
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:23am    
you have a picturebox with the Vehicle - right?
now add another picturebox with the lights in them, overlay and opacity of the picturebox etc.
now add the rest of your controls - turn Form1's Background color blue and set transparencykey to blue - now the background og the form will be transparent.
if this is not what you want, i dont understand your question
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 5:26am    
link the images if you can
DarkTyranno 21-Feb-13 5:37am    
Here are the images I use to try to make the lights SEMI-transparent:
alekcarlsen 21-Feb-13 8:17am - car with transparency (which works) - lights with transparency (which works)

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