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I'm trying to compile an old example of using the boost::spirit library to parse an ini file using Code Blocks. Here it is:

INI file reader using the spirit library[^]

I have chosen to use the 1.3.1 spirit version.

In the main.cpp file I have:

#include "boost/spirit/spirit.hpp"

In the above file:

#ifndef SPIRIT_HPP
#define SPIRIT_HPP
#define SPIRIT_VERSION 0x1301

#include "boost/spirit/debug.hpp"
#include "boost/spirit/actions.hpp"

Some of the headers included in spirit.hpp have other headers included inside them, and so on.

The error is: boost/spirit/debug.hpp: No such file or directory.

So Code Blocks doesn't see header files included inside other header files.

How to include all of them?

I have added full paths to the boost/spirit directory in the compiler and linker tabs in 'Search Directories'
Updated 24-Feb-13 12:49pm

1 solution

Try to include the boost directory in the compiler like this: ..\..\..\public\boost_1_47_0 , and include the boost lib in the linker tabs like this: ..\..\..\public\boost_1_47_0\stage\lib . I hope this is useful to you, good luck!
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themrpacu 25-Feb-13 5:35am    
Thanks for giving the question your attention. But boost::spirit is a header-olny library. What you seem to propose would apply to other boost libraries that require separately-compiled binaries.

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