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I want to make project for maintain attendence register of student by class. Attendence should done by grid.
=> Student Name show in first column
=> other column represent by current month like = day1,day2,day3...,day31
I have no idea for this. Please Help

Sorry for My English,

Thanks In Advance.
OriginalGriff 25-Feb-13 4:19am    
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
Raja Soosai 25-Feb-13 4:51am    
You are trying the project in windows application/web application. Please ask your question clearly.

First of all u plan how to do ur project...

1.create student add Panel
-U can add student name and class and parent details like that.

2.Create grid-view and bind those details from table...

3.Add date to gridview column automaticaaly and put the attendance..

very simple one...
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Akash Rangani 25-Feb-13 6:59am    
I cant Visualize code for Add date to gridview column automaticaaly and put the attendance..
Very importantly Add primary key in your table, that identifies each records separately.
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1) create student panel
2)when add a student call a stored procedure with loop...which insert date for all 365 days with status 0
3)fetch the data in a gridview filtering with date/student/month with a dropdown ....dropdown has 2 value.(I) attend (II)absent (III) holiday
4)at last add a button which will update present/absent status...
when button is clicked update status of

present will set status 1 and holiday will set status 2....absent is 0....
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