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Hai all,

How get sum of Column

Table structure
Field ------------ Data Type
Name ------------ varchar(255)
Column A ------ double unsigned
Column B ------ double unsigned
TEST ------------- double YES
TEST AA --------- double YES

Demo Value for table

XXXX 10 20 30 40
YYYY 5 10 15 20

I Need the final result as below
Sum of all Double Data Type Column

name | Column A | Column B | TEST | TEST AA | Sum
XXXX -------10------------20--------30------40--------100
YYYY ---------5------------10--------15------20---------50

* Please note that the Field name contain 'white space' its don't avoid.

Im using MySql.

Thanks :)
Updated 28-Feb-13 21:18pm


I am updating the solution 1.
Select Name, ColumnA, ColumnB, Test, TestAA, (ISNULL(ColumnA, 0) + ISNULL(ColumnB, 0)  + ISNULL(Test, 0) + ISNULL(TestAA, 0)) AS 'SUM' from yourtableName

if you do not use ISNULL function then, if anyone value goes NULL then whole sum will go null. so, using isnull function we will replace null value with 0.

hope it helps.
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indhukanth 1-Mar-13 3:23am    
Hi karthik,
thanks for you Help..
but its not working Here ...
i cahnage ISNULL with IFNULL thats work greatly... !! thankz :)
Karthik Harve 1-Mar-13 3:28am    

use the following query, it may help you..
Select Name, ColumnA, ColumnB, Test, TestAA, (ColumnA+ColumnB+Test+TestAA) 'Sum' from yourtableName

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Karthik Harve 1-Mar-13 2:22am    
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