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I have already made my metro app based on PC security and its working fine.

I want to start this metro app on Windows Startup, for that i have made a Windows Service so that it can start my metro app.

Problem : How to start a metro app from Windows Service ?

I have googled it alot but couldn't find any solution working for me..

Any change shouldd be done in my metro app so that it can start from other process ??

I have tried till Now :


I have given "redhawk" as my metro app's protocol name.


And the contents of
is as follows :
start "" "redhawk:"

Note : The 2nd method starts my metro app but it stucks on the splash screen. Should i change something in my metro app to avoid this ??

I have also read about OnActivated() event but couldn't apply it successfully..

Please Help Me As Soon As You Can... Thanks in advance...

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I don't believe this is possible.  Every action a Windows 8 application takes must be made by user interaction, and so starting it automatically would be against that rule.  You should, however, be able to add a background task that can gather data in the background while your app isn't running.  Have you considered that?

here's a great sample that shows how to implement a background agent, in JS, C#, VB, and C++:
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vivek.khatri 25-Mar-13 10:32am    
Thanks for the reply..

yes i know about the background task, but actually i am trying to authenticate the user from my metro app therefore it can't be done by background task. I need some user interaction to authenticate the user.

in fact i wanted my metro app to be launched at the windows login time but as its not possible, i am trying to authenticate the user after windows login.

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