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I am using dhtmlx schedule
I have downloaded sample project for mvc4 scheduler.
What I want is,If user double click on the schedule,I don't want to display the Lightbox,How can I define this in my view page and in which action I have to define it?
Index.cshtml in" MVCFormInLIghtBox",I have defined like
ViewBag.Title = "Scheduler | MVC Form in lightbox";
ViewBag.SampleTitle = "MVC Form in lightbox";
ViewBag.ShortDescription = "Custom lightbox form";
ViewBag.LongDescription = "Try to edit event";
<script type="text/javascript">
alert("In light box script");
alert("In double click");
return true;

<style type="text/css">


In this Dbl click event is not firing,even alert is also not can I fire this event as well as I don't want to show the lightbox.

1 solution

Try this
Using jQuery you can easily implement double click event
  var yourControlId = $("#yourControl");
  yourControlId .dblclick(function () {
   //show light box here

Hope this helps
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