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Hi, Experts,

I want to host wcf service on distributed Server with load balancing.
How can I do it?

My Question in depth

1. I know that how to develop WCF Service.
2. I know that how to deploy WCF Service on IIS Server.
3. I know that how to call WCF Service from client application.

i) But I want to know that how can I implement multiple server for one service..?

ii) Have I to deploy same WCF service on all server...? If yes then which type of settings I have to do in WCF Service or its Web Config for load sharing/balancing?

iii) Is there any special way to call WCF Service from client side?

iv) What step I have to follow for load balancing while thousands of client application access one service at a time?

v) For all above description, How I have to struct my setup, What configuration/devices I need to implement it. How I can set all the things. And what is the best way to implement this type of distributes server application....?

Please help me... and ans me in detail.
P_Dash 26-Mar-13 7:31am    
1st of All provide me what kind of Service is it ?
Kind of means what exactly this Service will provide.

See WCF itself contains good Load Balancing Techniques like "Instance Management", "WCF Concurrency".

After knowing the details about the Service, exact solution may possible.
Mr. Mahesh Patel 28-Mar-13 0:25am    
See, There are lots of client about 20,000 + client running in windows, linux, android phone, android tablets platform and they will sending request to the wcf service.
so I need distributed server mechanism for handle all the request at a time for better performance.
So I want to implement it.
The request is in form of json or soap with ssl certificate.
so, please guide me about it. and also guide for how to implement ssl certificate in my wcf service.

you can ask me more question if you have any doubt.

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