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In windows forms, I have an array of labels. These are in different positions throughout the program. Furthermore, there is not a specified amount - they are created during run time, with the amount depending on what the user clicks.

I have a mouse hover event, which they all link to. However, I dont know how to find out which label the mouse is hovering over. Can you somehow access which control is sending the event?

I tried sender-> but nothing comes up I can see a use for...

Many thanks.
[no name] 26-Mar-13 18:08pm    
sender would be the label that is raising the event. What does "nothing comes up I can see a use for" mean?
lostandconfused1234 26-Mar-13 18:27pm    
what's the command to determine the label? I want to be able to use it to change the visibility
Kenneth Haugland 26-Mar-13 18:33pm    
This would be easy using WPF and ListView types of objects, cant you use something like this?
lostandconfused1234 26-Mar-13 18:40pm    
Well I have no idea what WPF is and lists are a weak point so not really ^_^ I'm sure there's a way of using the ready made event but i duno how to do it.

(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e)

sender ->

options: Equals, Finalise, GetHashCode, GetType, MemberwiseClone, ReferenceEquals, ToString.

I duno how these could be utilised for my purpose though. I just want to change the visibility of that label
Kenneth Haugland 26-Mar-13 18:42pm    
Something on the line of IF e.LEftButton.Pressed = True then ..
Then find the element that is clicked should not be that difficult even if you woul dhave to calculate the position of the click.

1 solution

Cast the "sender" argument into a Control and that will give you the possiblity of using all the methods and properties of a control.
Control ctrl = (Control) sender;
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lostandconfused1234 26-Mar-13 18:53pm    
Thank you!

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