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Hi Karthik,

Thanks a lot it works for me..

One more issue iam facing is

On link button click i need to execute some javascript method after executing the whole server side functionality.

For this i used below line of code as a last statement in my server side method.
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), "Expand", "<script language='javascript'>expandcollapse('div" + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + "','" + img.ClientID + "','" + flag + "'," + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + ");</script>",false);

But somehow this javascript function is not get called may be because of update panel.

Please suggest me..

Updated 2-Apr-13 4:47am

Try using Type of UpdatePanel instead of GetType().
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(UpdatePanelID.GetType(), "Expand", "<script language="'javascript'">expandcollapse('div" + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + "','" + img.ClientID + "','" + flag + "'," + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + ");</script>",false);
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try instead of RegisterStartUpScript, use RegisterClientScriptBlock. try like below.
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, this.GetType(), "Expand", "expandcollapse('div" + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + "','" + img.ClientID + "','" + flag + "'," + lb.CommandArgument.ToString() + ");",true);

refer Differences between RegisterStartupScript and RegisterClientScriptBlock?[^]

hope it works.
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BasanthiManyam 3-Apr-13 3:41am    
Thanks Karthik..

It works..
Karthik Harve 3-Apr-13 4:04am    
Welcome. Happy coding.:-)

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