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I'm working on a C# WinForm Application that queries a MySQL database. The time it takes to query is unbelievable slow (30secs - 1min). I have very little experience with DB's and I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with my query. Can someone please point out what I'm doing wrong.
string sql = "SELECT,,, t3.addrs
             "FROM tbl1 t1 JOIN tbl2 t2 ON =
             "JOIN tbl3 t3 ON t3.addrs = t2.addrs WHERE = '2013-04-01';";

string connStr = "Server =; Database = mydb; etc...";
MySQLConnection conn = new MySQLConnection(connStr);
MySQLCommand    cmd  = new MySQLCommand(sql, conn);
MySQLDataReader rdr = null;
DataTable dt = new DataTable();


rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

  dt.Rows.Add(rdr["ID"], rdr["FirstName"], rdr["LastName"], rdr["Address"],rdr["Date"]);


dataGridView.DataSource = dt;
Updated 2-Apr-13 11:51am
Mike Meinz 2-Apr-13 18:35pm    
Does your database have indexes on all of the columns that are used for the joins?
d.allen101 3-Apr-13 10:38am    
no it doesn't but it's still too slow even considering I don't have indexes. Even if I LIMIT the query to 1, it's still takes about 10secs
Mike Meinz 3-Apr-13 15:58pm    
Indexes are a requirement if you expect to make an improvement in performance. It is the number one step to start with!
d.allen101 3-Apr-13 18:05pm    
ok, i've done a little reading and i'm not 100% for but I "think" MySQL creates indexes for foreign keys by default, so actually I "think" I am using indexes.

1 solution

I do not understand why you join tbl3. "t3.addrs = t2.addrs", consequently you can "SELECT,,, t2.addrs", can't you?
Or is it possible that no record exists in tbl3 for a record in tbl2, and you want to get records existing in both tables only?
Furthermore, you can execute the querey in SQL Server management studio. Look at the execution plan of the query, it might give you some hints (e.g. "table scan" instead of use of an index).
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d.allen101 3-Apr-13 3:22am    
it's just an attempt at an example it's not the actually query. select 4 columns that are joined by 3 different tables and filter on a where by datetime....

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