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Hello, we are currently running Sharepoint 2010.

We have a site collection named 'Network' and have several custom permission groups setup.
A user created a folder in one of the libraries and attempted to restirct the permissions to certain users.
The user accessed Manage Permissions, stopped the inheritance and removed all of the permission groups/users.

Here is the procedure from the user:

"I want to restrict the permission so I have created the folder and I have opened the view properties of the folder. Under View properties I clicked on manage permissions of users in those folders. I removed all the users access from the folder and keep only a few colleagues and myself as user for that folder. After that I even lock myself out self (Not able to delete the folder and other things). "

Now the issue is that we are missing all of the user/group permission settings that were on the Site Collection level and several users cannot access the site anymore.
The problem is that we do not have a back up of the site collection to restore, and not sure if there is any other direct way to restore the permission settings.

I would appreciate any type of advice.
Thank you all!
AnandSharmaUK 8-Apr-13 12:30pm    
Please check the Permissions for the library where the permission inheritance is broken for the item. Is it still inheriting the permissions ?
11shin4 8-Apr-13 16:00pm    
Thank you for the response!
The user actually deleted the folder that he created.. I restored the folder and checked that the permission was broken in the deleted folder..

I apologize, I guess my question was not clear enough.

The issue is that not only the inheritance is broken (which I could easily restore), but we lost the custom user group permission settings that was on the site collection level, not only in the folder that the user created.

Luckily we still have all of the custom user groups available (they have not been deleted from the system), but we lost all of the detailed permission assignments/mapping.

Thank you!

AnandSharmaUK 9-Apr-13 4:46am    
I assume you haven't saved your permissions within an xml file for disaster recovery so it looks like there is no way to restore the permission now unfortunately. You have to assign the unique permissions to each items the way it was given previously. Let me know if you have a logic to do that and you need any help writing the code for the same.
AnandSharmaUK 10-Apr-13 6:36am    
Are you able to sort your problem out ?
11shin4 10-Apr-13 15:35pm    
Hello Anand Sharma, and thank you for your considerations!
I went ahead and assigned the permissions one by one. It was a tidious job but I had to fix the problem ASAP since some users were unable to access the site.
In order to prevent future incidents as such, can you please let me know some details regarding 'saving the permissions within an xml file for disaster recovery'?
Just wondering if there is a direct backup/restore methodology for site collection permissions.
Thank you!

1 solution

There is no direct recovery using any OOB feature. You can write your own code to populate the permissions within an XML file and keep it with you in case anything unwanted occurs. I can point you to correct direction :

1. Export all permissions to XML file(both object on which user/group has permission, and user/group name) with nodes for different libraries.

2. Import this XML file using code in another environment. create all groups and add users and then set permission's as per XML file.

Hope this helps.
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