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I am trying to create a small htaccess for my personal website ([^]). Currently I have something similar to masterpage in PHP (index.php) and the top toolbar links redirect with a querystring.

Depending upon the querystring and after doing a bit of sanity checks and business rules validation, I am displaying an appropriate information for the link. But since every URL shows as index.php (index.php?pg and index.php?pg=2), the statistics is quite confusing and hence I am trying to see if I can get a URLRewriter in htAccess which would do the following

Anything after index.php would get rewritten as index.php?pg=<anything>

While I was able to get this, what happens is index.php/something/something renders the default content but the images are broken because the web server thinks the images should be served from /something/something/

Is there a way we can have a htAccess which would translate anything after index.php to index.php?pg=<anything> but stop this anything translation on encountering the first /?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Apr-13 12:18pm    
This is ".htaccess", not "htAccess".

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