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Hi Freinds

I am programmer in & wanted to make a software
Well this is a common problem.
Consider there are 2 friends A & B
One day A requires an urgent document which is there in B's laptop
But unfortunately B is out for some work & will return in evening
So B asks A if he could go to his house & take the required document he needed
So A goes at B's House copies that important document & then the main Problem
A will think Since B is not here let me see what else can i get from his laptop
So A takes files without B's Permission & Copies in his pendrive
Later B comes home finds his laptop ok but he doesnt know what files A have took other than document
So Data logger will run in background & monitor all copy paste log
so that later B will come to know that A has taken what files
So how should i start for it
I hope my example & idea is clear
It is best for offices, institutes etc
Updated 10-Apr-13 0:26am

1 solution

Windows doesn't track nor differentiate this kind of operation at all. Copying a file is no different than if an application opened a file for reading and opened another file for writing. There is no connection between the two operations.

Your application will end up recording ALL file read and write operations, not just file copies.
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