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I regularly need to move files from a network share to my local hard drive, but I have to click through the overwrite prompts every time, it's getting very annoying.
Updated 10-Apr-13 22:08pm

Do the following: run, for example, CMD.EXE. In the command windows, enter:

This drastic measure will certainly wake up old good "copy" command and force it to disclose all its mystical secrets. In particular, you will be informed on how to suppress a prompt for confirmation. Of course, if I just did not take a look at this sacred screen myself, I would never had guessed that it would require /Y parameter.

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Neven Iliev 11-Apr-13 3:29am    
No need to be a smartass. In the first place I need to move, not copy. Secondly I am having trouble making it work for network folders.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Apr-13 11:33am    
Same thing. Isn't that obvious that you can also do "MOVE /?", with the same results? Are you going to accept the answer now?

As to your rudeness, do you think that being a grim type taking offense about any humorous note (like it or not) looks just silly. Normal people facing irony usually reply in iconic tone, ignore it, or the like. No one was trying to hurt your feeling, but you are addressing with direct rude words. No understanding of normal rules of a game. No matter, it's your own business.

It seems this is what I need to do:
move /y "\\server\folder" "C:\destination\

I also need to have Full Control permissions on the network, otherwise I get an "Access is denied." error.
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