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i am working on a program, which will show the incoming data to user. the program will pull in the data definition first, like table name, col header name, data type, basically how the table like. then pull in the data itself. all in real time

maybe i could give one example:

1)the program will pull in one xml file , which defines a few tables:
table: student(name string, age int)
table: class (name string, location string)
table: score (student string, class string, score double)
2)the program will receive the data

how to show the data at run time? my question mainly is how to create the gui at run time, since i am new wpf. it will be good if it follows mvvm patern since it is only part of existing program which follows the mvvm patern so far.

Updated 11-Apr-13 10:07am
stibee 11-Apr-13 14:56pm    
What do you really should know. MVVM Basics? How control datagrid?
Francisco T. Chavez 11-Apr-13 16:28pm    
Are you putting items from different tables (with different columns) into the same data grid at the same time?

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