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Hi All,

I am creating 2 apps, one is a WPF App and other one is a XAML Windows 8 app that uses some web services.The services are working fine in WPF but when I am using them in Windows 8 xaml app, it is appending the word Async at the end of the methods. What is the change that I need to do for the same?

WPF Code (Working Fine)
//provide the input in the request
            DepositService.PT2761PortClient portClient2 = new DepositService.PT2761PortClient();
            DepositService.ProgramInterface requestInterface = new DepositService.ProgramInterface();
            DepositService.ProgramInterfaceCb_req_deposit input = new DepositService.ProgramInterfaceCb_req_deposit();

            //set the input parameters
            input.cb_req_accountno = (ulong)accountNumber;
            input.cb_req_cust_id =customerId;
            input.cb_req_update_status = "FETCH";
            requestInterface.cb_req_deposit = input;
            //crea  te the response object

            //create the output from response
            //fetch the output
                DepositService.ProgramInterface1 responseFetch = new DepositService.ProgramInterface1();
                responseFetch = portClient2.PT2761Operation(requestInterface);
                DepositService.ProgramInterfaceCb_res_deposit output = new DepositService.ProgramInterfaceCb_res_deposit();
                output = responseFetch.cb_res_deposit;

WIndows 8 XAML Code :-

LoginService.PT2711PortClient loginPortClient = new LoginService.PT2711PortClient();
           LoginService.ProgramInterface requestInterface = new LoginService.ProgramInterface();
           LoginService.ProgramInterfaceCb_req_login input = new LoginService.ProgramInterfaceCb_req_login();

           //set the input parameteres
               input.cb_req_cust_id = userId;
               input.cb_req_password = password;
               input.cb_req_passwordl = (ushort)password.Length;
               input.cb_req_update_status = "LOGIN";


                   LoginService.ProgramInterface1 responseLogin = new LoginService.ProgramInterface1();
                   //LoginService.PT2711OperationResponse x = await loginPortClient.PT2711OperationAsync(responseLogin);
                   responseLogin = await loginPortClient.PT2711OperationAsync(requestInterface);

When I write the same code in Windows 8 app, then the below error is thrown :-

Error 1 Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Threading.Tasks.Task<metromainframespoc.loginservice.pt2711operationresponse>' to 'MetroMainframesPOC.LoginService.ProgramInterface1'

Can anyone please let me know what changes I need to make to run this code? I am new to Windows 8 App development.

Thanks in Advance.

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