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hi all,

i want to ask help on this problem.i dont know how to generate sequence number containing date and save to database.

Example: TicketId: 130422229000000001

130422 - date today (ticket issued)
22900 - station id
0000001 - sequence number

after that i want to store to database.

please help me on this

thanks in advance
Maciej Los 24-Apr-13 10:51am    
Do you want to that on server side using stored procedure?

Convert the date you want to start the sequence with to ticks.

DateTime date = new DateTime(2013,4,21);

Than convert to ticks the maximal date you want to reach by the sequence and a step you want to increment with. For example you want to increment by one day:

//Converting step
DateTime date2 = new DateTime(2013,4,22);
long step = date2.Ticks - date.Ticks;

At the end, create the sequence for example as a struct or better as a class.

public class Sequence
    long minimum {get; set;}
    long maximum {get; set;}
    long step {get; set;}
    long actual {get; set;}
    public DateTime Next
            actual += step;
            return new DateTime(actual);
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musiw 21-Apr-13 21:16pm    
date will automatically get from the system.the station id also get from system.only the sequence to append and increasing
If this is a server code, and must run continuously, It is fine to get sequence from memory, but this is too risky.

I would use a 3 column table in database,
Column1 : Date
Column2 : Station ID
Column3 : Sequential number

And query database in insert statement something like;

insert into tblTest (DateVal, StationID, Seq) VALUES ("@p1","@p2",(select MAX(Seq)+1 From tblTest Where DateVal = @p3))
@p1 = Now.ToString("yyMMdd")
@p2 = 22900
@p3 = Now.ToString("yyMMdd")

If you are planning to use Sql2012 then take a look at;[^]
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