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Hi to all,
I have been developing a project lately using VB.NET ... and some processes take time to finish and I want to display a progress dialog box or something to display a process is going on ...... and unfortunately I have no idea how to do it .... any one with ideas, comments, solutions I will be thankful ...

with best regards
Abel K.
Updated 11-Feb-10 5:36am

If you want your UI to be responsive while the task runs, you will have to put it on a background thread. The easiest way to do this is to use a BackgroundWorker. This will also allow you to report progress and update a progress dialog.

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This article is in C# but seems to do what you want:

Working with BackgroundWorker & Creating Your Own Loading Class[^]

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For simple things BackgroundWorker component will do. But you've to be aware windows forms will not function well in a multi-threaded environment. Hence a direct update to UI (for e.g. updating a label, or textbox, etc) will result in an exception. You have to invoke functions which do the UI update, and while doing so invoke them on the thread which the form was created. The following two links should help you out:[^][^]
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It sounds like you're wanting a basic answer...not how to do multi-threading. It sounds like all you're asking how to do is show a ProgressBar. I could be wrong though. To do that, you add a StatusStrip to your form. Then, you can add a ToolStripStatusLabel or ToolStripStatusBar.

You can google those to find out how to use them.
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