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What is the best way to create
a search control which has a textbox(to enter search string) with Up and down arrow to traverse up and down node of trees.Also when pressing 'enter' after giving string in search box , it should search in down direction of nodes.
one issue that i am facing as of now is when i press enter it is submitting the form. I did try event.preventdefault but it is still not working.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Apr-13 16:41pm    
No, it shouldn't. I mean Up and Down keys are already reserved for basic browser functionality; you should use some other keys. "Not working" is not informative.
devcode007 30-Apr-13 15:34pm    
hey....i apologize for not being clear on this one. By Up and down arrow i meant, i will put arrow image near search control which user can click to search.
And about event.preventdefault : i am calling this after capturing keystroke for Enter which means once enter is clicked i give call to my search method and also fire event.preventDefault so that it do not submit the form.
Somthing like this :

Find <input id=\"FindID\" type =\"text\" onkeydown =\"fsearchkey(event)\" önkeyup =\"fsearchkey(event)\" > </input>";

function fsearchkey(event) {
if (event.keyCode == 13) {
I have tried Keypress event as well.

1 solution

Even though jQuery is tagged, I don't see that you used it. I see no problem in using jQuery .keypress():[^].

Again, you should never use Up and Down keys, as they are reserved for scrolling, cursor motion in cursor mode and more. Use something else, maybe Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down.

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