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Longshot here ...

I'm trying to subclass a tree control in a plugin to a 3rd party application. The application hosts the control but does not expose enough functionality to manipulate it in the plugin.

The tree control is an Infragistics ActiveTreeView (SSTree.ocx).
the windows class is called SSTreeWndClass.
This product was retired in 2005 - google info is limited.

I am able to find the window, get the hwnd, get the GWLP_USERDATA, and sublcass the window.

What I want to do is understand what the GWLP_USERDATA is.
Generally this will be a pointer to the object, which would then allow me to manipulate it directly. Without info on what messages the control receives subclassing alone is fairly useless, as I can't parse the message or WP, LP parameters.

I have tried casting GWLP_USERDATA to ActiveTreeView::ISSTree without success.
The data appears to be a pointer, and looking at the memory at the location supports this, but doesn't shed light on what it is a pointer to.

Has anyone used this control and know what is being stuffed in GWLP_USERDATA ?


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