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Hi Guys,

My page contains 34 fields (textboxes) who's contents are later saved into oracle database table on save button click.

Instead of sending 34 different parameters to my insert store proc, i created a XDocument and passes it store proc with a parameter of XMLType.

While executing my code I am getting expection like :

1. Unable to convert Xdoc to string
2. Incorrect number of parameters (I got after i passed xdoc.tostring() to proc)

I am using Enterprise LIbrary 5 to DB Utils.

any idea what can be done with this ?

also any tip / comment on why/whynot to use xml in insert
jkirkerx 29-Apr-13 16:04pm
I would of made a structure and populated first, then passed it on as the structure.

I store XML in table columns, but I use the XML else where in the program.

I do pass XML to a ship rate program, but I pass it as a memory stream and not a string.

I not familiar with Enterprise Library, so I probably should not of commented here.
[no name] 30-Apr-13 0:30am
Thanks jkirkerx,

I have one question now, if i prepare a structure what will be the corresponding data type in oracle SP ?

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