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I have a webform in and It had 2 updatepanels .

<updatepanel id="1">
<button id="XYZ">

<updatepanel id="2">
<button id="ABC">

on button xyz it posts to server to get some details and Populate a div with repater data

i want to stop the partial postback in updatepanel as
we have e.preventdefault in Normal postback

The second updatepanel is updated via a timer tick event

How can i stop the xyz button server call with javascript or jquery

i tried event.preventdefault

and also event.stopimmediatepropagation but it doesnt seem to work
sri senthil kumar 30-Apr-13 8:32am    
If it is a asp button use onclientclick to return false. But Why you do so? If you dont want a postback then whats the need of button...
gaurish thakkar 30-Apr-13 10:30am    
i will try onclientclick ... ya and the control is for confirm box

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