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I have two temporary table #CoreUtilizationForRole1 and #RoleID2Details. I want to insert values into a third temp table using these two temp table. Below are the table Structure of both the Temp table.

create table #CoreUtilizationForRole1(roleid int,SupervisorName varchar(50),ImmediateSupervisor varchar(50),UserECode varchar(50),UserName nvarchar(250),Designation varchar(250),TimeSpent float,ActivityName varchar(250))

create table #RoleID2Details(UserECode varchar(50),UserName nvarchar(250))

in #CoreUtilizationForRole1 table I had generated a report and stored in it. #RoleID2Details contains data as mentioned below in the query:-

insert into #RoleID2Details
    select distinct Userecode,Username from #CoreUtilizationForRole1 where roleid=2

Now I want to loop through each records of #RoleID2Details and insert data into a third temp table while joining from #CoreUtilizationForRole1. AcTually I need data in a particular described format and due to that, this looping is required so that I insert data into third temp table as per my requirement and then using a simple select statement I will display it. Please help me to do this.
Oshtri Deka 30-Apr-13 3:04am    
Which particular format?
Do you really need to use cursor, i.e. loop?
Is there particular reason for using three tables or it was your idea?

1 solution

Please, see this: Adding Rows by Using INSERT and SELECT[^].

Another solution is to use: CTE[^]. You did not provide enough information, so i can't show you an example.
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