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Dear Experts,

Here I am doing small Sample project in VBA Named as sample.accdb.
In this Project we are not using any linked database
In the Main form i am using one subform.

The code as follows

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim s As String
Dim k As Integer
s = "Provider=Microsoft.Access.OLEDB.10.0;Data Source=MyServerName;Initial Catalog=DataBaseName;Uid=sa;Pwd=Password;trusted connection = yes;Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;"
Dim aCon As ADODB.Connection
Dim aRs As ADODB.Recordset
Set aCon = New ADODB.Connection

With aCon
    .Open s
    Set aRs = .Execute("SELECT * from AirCL2Loss_GNP_HU_TY13_Use.dbo.Sample")
End With

k = aRs.Fields.Count
k = k - 1

Set Me.NewSubForm.Form.Recordset = aRs
For x = 0 To k
        Form_Form1("NewSubForm")("Id" & x + 1).ControlSource = aRs(x).Name
        Form_Form1("NewSubForm")("Id" & x + 1 & "_Label").Caption = aRs(x).Name
        Form_Form1("NewSubForm")("Id" & x + 1).Visible = True
        If x = k Then Exit For
End Sub

At this line Set Me.NewSubForm.Form.Recordset = aRs i am getting error like

Runtime error '-2147217843 (80040e4d)' Data Provider could not be intialized

Can you please tell why this error coming.
Updated 2-May-13 20:55pm

1 solution

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dmunisubbu 15-May-13 2:46am    
Dear Maciej,

If connection string is wrong, data won't stored in record set.

using the above connection string i am getting the data and stored in record set.
Maciej Los 15-May-13 3:15am    
No, it isn't! Have a look at it: "Provider=Microsoft.Access.OLEDB.10.0;Data Source=MyServerName;Initial Catalog=DataBaseName;Uid=sa;Pwd=Password;trusted connection = yes;Data Provider=SQLOLEDB;". A word Provider is used twice. Follow this link:[^] to get correct connection string. In case of proper connection string, you'll NOT get this error: "Runtime error '-2147217843 (80040e4d)' Data Provider could not be intialized"

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