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Well i need to publish a website, but 1st i need to compile codebehind (cs files) into dll's...i did this with this line of code in Developer command prompt of VS:
Aspnet_compiler -p "C:\SiteLocation" -v -f C:\DestinationFolder
However this line convert all files in dll (cs files and html files) and i dont need html files converted into dll's...and if i try using Publish website option in visual studio 2012, somehow it just wont work on server, its like it doesnt convert my cs files into dll's...and when i place it on server i constantly get this msg:
The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.
i am kinda new with this type's of issues, so any help would be appreciated.

1 solution

if you use Visual Studio 2012 follow this:

BUILD -> Publish Selection -> Profile -> select <new> in combo box

then set Publish Method to FTP
fill other field:
Server : ftp address of your site / like: or
Site Path: address of the main directory to locate your site / default set to '/'
Username , Password : user & pass in needed to be authenticated in FTP connection

Destination URL : you can omit this field.

press Publish

hope to help you!
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Milos12 12-May-13 10:04am    
First of all thx for reply mate...well look, somehow i cant find Profile section, i think that's cuz i allrdy used publish website before (but i deployed it to folder on desktop), now what i get once i enter Publish Website section is that i'm asked for Target Location (drive path) and i have few check boxes below (like Allow this precompiled site to be updatable, use fixed naming and single page assemblies , Emit debug info)... do you maybe know how can i go back to that profile section so i could select FTP as publish method??? hope you understand what i mean...
Ali Reza Barkhordari 13-May-13 7:18am    
select NEW in combo box and create a new profile
Ali Reza Barkhordari 13-May-13 7:15am    
once you open publish window click on profile tab then click on combox and select <new> and create a new profile for your publshing
Milos12 13-May-13 14:42pm    
Thx mate for your help, i finally did it :) thx once again

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