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Hi All,

Can anybody differentiate between client side & server side??

as i heard a log about client side programming & server side programming/scripting etc.

New to programming.. so kindly ignore if this question seems stupid.
dont wana google it.. coz want to learn with the experts opinions and in simple words.


Client side refers to the browser which is viewing the web page delivered by the server. This is HTML and Javascript, maybe Shockwave flash, maybe Silverlight.

Server side refers to the application on the web server which delivers the web page content.

In brief:

Server side: Create and deliver the HTML and Javascript

Client side: Request the page, receive the page from the server, then display the HTML and process the Javascript.

check this[^][^][^]
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Client means the user , who is accessing the website.
Client Script/Programming
means , the script gets compiles/executed on client side , ie , in web browser.(eg ->Javasript)
You can see the errors of a client script on console of the browser.

Server Script/Programming is the program that compiles/executed in Web Server (like IIS,Apache etc) .(eg->php, java,c#)

Client Script is much faster than a server script
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StianSandberg 14-May-13 2:35am    
You mean "Client Script is much faster than a server script"? In that case I disagree! There are things that clientside can't do an vice versa. You cant do a speed comparison between client side and server side script... Makes no sense..
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 2:40am    
Hmmm, yes that's correct. Thanks for explaining and reminding this. Yes we cant do a direct comparison, it depends on lot of factors & scenarios and hence result may vary.
Bikash Prakash Dash 14-May-13 2:41am    
It's not the issue of can do or cant do.Its obvious that a client script can't do things as server script do.In case if they are able to do the same work(eg->working with html controls etc.) we should prefer client script rather than server script.
Client side is a code which get executed at browser (client) in web applications, like javascript.

Server side is a code which get executed at web server (IIS) in web applications, like Aspx (ASP.Net).

Let me know for further explanation.
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VICK 14-May-13 2:46am    
Thanks Hameed.. :)
One more question...can u tell me how to differentiate from code that either client side coding is in use or server side???

Uptill now, I have reached to the result that this can be differentiated by the languages or technology used.. FOR example if JavaScript is being used, that means client side prograamming is under process. and if Pure aspx i.e. C# or VB is in use that means server side is in use...

IS IT SO????
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:05am    
Yes, you are almost correct but one fact is that thru client code (like Javascript) you can perform server side requests (may be through Ajax calls by handler files). And vice versa like from codebehind file (.cs) you can register some client code (like Javascript) and execute it on a server request. Example: opening of a new window (popup) on click of a button.

I would suggest you to go thru this link it has good discussion on this top.
VICK 14-May-13 3:16am    
Mohammed Hameed 14-May-13 3:19am    

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