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for my application i have the following data
RF_Code                      Date           Time
104                        2013-01-01      09:00:00
104                        2013-01-01      18:12:00
104                        2013-01-02      09:02:00
104                        2013-01-02      19:05:00
105                        2013-01-01      09:30:00
105                        2013-01-01      18:30:00

i want to get the output as below
RF_Code     2013-01-01           2013-01-02 
104        09:00:00,18:12:00     09:02:00,19:05:00  
105        09:30:00,18:30:00      null,null

i written the following procedure and i am getting only one type of time only ie., By selecting min time or max time.

i want to concatenate both min time and max time with comma seperated
use ecampus;
CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `GetTimeByDate`(in sdate date)
declare finish int default 0;
declare cdate date;
declare str varchar(10000) default "select RF_Code,";

declare curs cursor for select Date from ecampus.log where (month(Date)=month(sdate) AND YEAR(Date)=YEAR(sdate))  group by Date;
declare continue handler for not found set finish = 1;
open curs;
fetch curs into cdate;
if finish = 1 then
leave my_loop;
end if;
set str = concat(str, "min(case when Date = '",cdate,"' then Time else null end) as `",cdate,"`,");
end loop;
close curs;
set str = substr(str,1,char_length(str)-1);

set @str = concat(str," from ecampus.log
            group by RF_Code");

prepare stmt from @str;
execute stmt;
deallocate prepare stmt;
END $$


i am getting output as below:
RF_Code     2013-01-01           2013-01-02
 104        09:00:00               09:02:00
 105        09:30:00               null
Updated 14-May-13 19:44pm

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this is in MSSQL but this will give you an idea about dynamic pivot[^]
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