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<br />
Private Sub CmbItem_LostFocus()<br />
If CmbItem = Empty Then Exit Sub<br />
       CmbCode.ListIndex = CmbItem.ListIndex<br />
       CmbUnit.ListIndex = CmbItem.ListIndex<br />
End Sub<br />

I'm using this code to set (Id) and (Unit) fields on selection of (Item) field.
[1] I can't use .itemdata coz it gives error "OVERFLOW"...(actually item field is loaded about 26000 records n have to show in combo datz y)

[2] I can't put(aid)in the text for each (item) it gives error "SYNTAX ERROR"...(many of items are like(ex. STEEL CUPBOARD 5') so
sql="SELECT *FROM [ASSET] WHERE Item = "'CmbItem.text'" <br />
not working
so anybody is having any other way to do so I mean I want to add (Id) without displaying it...

Please help me...

1 solution

not sure what you're trying to do but....
sql="SELECT *FROM [ASSET] WHERE Item = "'CmbItem.text'" 

should be
sql="SELECT * FROM [ASSET] WHERE Item = '" & CmbItem.text & "'" 

Note the single quote and double quotes, plus the & is missing
Not sure if that was a typo or the problem with the sql statement.....
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