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Hi I keep receiving OutOfMemory Excemption when retrieving 5millions of record on my Mysql
is their any possible way to retrieve Millions of Record on Mysql ?
Using con As New MySqlConnection(conStr)
    xTrans = con.BeginTransaction
    Using cmd As New MySqlCommand("LIMIT", con, xTrans)
        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@LimitFromTo", LIMIT)
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
        Using conDap As New MySqlDataAdapter(cmd)
        End Using
    End Using
End Using

Instead of using a DataSet and filling it, I would suggest that you consider a MySqlDataReader and process each record in turn. When you fill a dataset, all the records are fetched at the same time, which could use spectacular amounts of memory - A reader doesn't do that: it returns them one at a time as you demand them. Since trying to display 5,000,000 records at once would be a ridiculous thing to do as the user would be unable to find anything he wanted, it shouldn't inconvenience you too much.
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Comments 28-May-13 3:11am    
I Tried Datareader but the error still prompting :(

Using dRead As MySqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader
While dRead.HasRows
End While
End Using

Am I doing wrong with the Datareader ? o.O
OriginalGriff 28-May-13 3:36am    
Yes - you are still trying to load all the records into a single datatable. Process the records individually, rather than trying to fetch them all at once.

DataAdapter.Fill uses a DataTable.Load(DataReader) in the background... 28-May-13 4:07am    
What I understand with Datareader is that it read faster than DataAdapter.
But I keep receiving the error and OOM Exception pop up even retrieving 2M records.
OriginalGriff 28-May-13 5:19am    
No - a datareader allows you to read a record at a time, instead of reading them all.
Atmir 28-May-13 9:31am    
i had the same problem because , i had vs 32 bit and os 64 i resolved by installing both in 64 bit , but i never had 5 milion of records...

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