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User input in textboxs number of rows and columns and I have to create editable DataGrid with this size. How can I do this?

DataGrid table = new DataGrid();
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    table.Columns.Add(new DataGridTextColumn());
    table.CanUserAddRows = true;
    table.CanUserDeleteRows = true;
    table.IsReadOnly = false;
    table.Items.Add(new DataGridTextColumn());

With this code I create table with size that I need, but when I try to edit cell, I'he got "editItem not allowed" error.

if I do this code I'he got columns with TextBox fields.
DataGrid table = new DataGrid();
List<TextBox> tableData = new List<TextBox>(5);
table.ItemsSource = tableData;

Any help?
Lion Lion 11-Jun-18 10:31am    

1 solution

Below i mention link for your reference please check it..

WPF DataGrid Practical Examples[^]

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Happy coding....

This is solution regarding your second query..

yes you are right....yes it is possible..

public override void Execute(object parameter)
    var context = parameter as GenerateColumnContext;
    DataGridTextColumn column = new DataGridTextColumn();
    if (context.PropertyName == "Country")
        column.Header = "header for Country";
    context.Result = column;

May be this can help you further...


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Dmitrii Grishchenko 29-May-13 0:50am    
Thanks for your reply, but in this examples using database, and I working without it. I just want to create table which user can fill by himself.
renish patel 29-May-13 2:30am    
ok nop, I suggest one msdn discussion for it..please check it out..

may be that solve your problem.if you finding solution then mark as answered..


Happy coding....
Dmitrii Grishchenko 29-May-13 6:49am    
Thanks. Rows are objects and columns are object's field. This means, that if I want N columns in datagrid, I have to use object with N fields, right? But N set by user and can change. Is it possible to create class with variable number of fields?
Dmitrii Grishchenko 2-Jun-13 23:58pm    
Thank you. If I right, your second solution use Telerik? If there other ways? Without Teletik.
Dmitrii Grishchenko 3-Jun-13 4:38am    
Thanks for help, but I think I was wrong from the very beginning. DataGrid is't right control for my task, so I created editable table with Grid control, in which every cell is a TextBox control, and it works for me

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