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i created a website in and hosted in my local iis. 4 systems are connected in local network. how can i access my locally hosted websites in another computers with ip address of my computer

Thanks in Advance
Updated 2-Jun-13 21:21pm

1 solution

Well for example you have hosted your site on the machine having IP address with the name "MyAplication"

while other four computers are having,7,8 & 9 respectively...

and you wanted to access your site from any of these four.. than simply open up the browser and write the following.

and here you go... your webapp will be accessible over your network...


Hope will help.

Kunjammu 3-Jun-13 4:54am
yes..i tried like that..but "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" shows..
VICK 3-Jun-13 7:08am
Sorry to bother you.. i have just updated the answer.. as there was a forward slash (\) mistakenly used.. rather use forward slash (/) and along with that use the exact application name which is showing in tree hierarchy of IIS on deployed machine...HOpe that gona work..

Further keep in check that remote connectivity is allowed on both machines...for that you can right click on MY Computer and go to Remote Tab....
Kunjammu 5-Jun-13 6:02am
not working....same result
VICK 6-Jun-13 2:49am
What error is it showing?? and have you checked that Remote services are allowed over your and deployed machine???
Kunjammu 7-Jun-13 0:27am
error showing is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
yes checked...
VICK 7-Jun-13 3:21am
have you tried any other browser than IE?? like chrome or firefox??

and secondly have u deployed your application over physical part or logical part???
Kunjammu 10-Jun-13 7:19am
only tried in IE. physical part
VICK 11-Jun-13 5:15am
You should try in other browsers as well. and check what error are they showing if.

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