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can anyone help me in finding the transpose of a non square matrix by ging code...plz give steps to solve this or give code if u can in c# many examples on internet show code only for square matrix..

You know the transpose of a matrix is defined this way:

ATij = Aji

That implies that, for instance, a 2x3 matrix, transposed, will become 3x2.

Suppose the input matrix is represented by an array a having dimensions M,N, your code has to:
  • Create a new array, say b, having dimensions N,M.
  • Set all the new array items according to the above rule, namely b[i][j] = a[j][i].

That's all.
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Looks like homework?

Try here[^]
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I can't give you an example, but Math.Net Numerics can do it:[^]
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