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Hi, I have an VB.NET application and this is my first ever crystal report I am doing. The report seems to be all good when I am looking at the report in the design and all the data is fine and perfect. However when I try to show it in my Crystal Report Viewer, the report is displayed blank, without data. Where did the data go and why isn't it displaying? It is 2 pages, so for some reason the data is hidden or blank? What am I doing wrong?

Someone please help me.
Ahmed Bensaid 4-Jun-13 10:20am    
You should debug your program to see where is the problem.
You should add a breakpoint where you retrieve data, to check if it is really retrieved, or if there was an error during retrieving of data.
jlarini 4-Jun-13 10:32am    
Hi, Pritam!

Did you make any change on the Database which is used by this report ?
If the answer is "yes", try to use "Verify Database" on popup menu at "DataBase Fields"...

Crystal Reports doesn't recognize / works fine when we made changes...

If this is not the situation, please give us more details...
Like: How are you sending information to Crystal Reports from your application...

João Luiz
Pritam N. Bohra 5-Jun-13 3:45am    
I want the data from datagridview to be displayed into the crystal report.
Yes I tried to use Verify Database, but that seems to be working fine.
jlarini 5-Jun-13 9:08am    

How do you fill this datagridview ?

It's hard to help you if we don't know any about your application...

Please, give us more details about this, the maximum possible...
Surendra Adhikari SA 6-Jun-13 4:43am    
can you show your code to display on crystal report viewer ..

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