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I'm quite a newbie at C# and WPF.
What I need to do is to write a program that displays my webcam and so I could draw upon the video at a location selected by a mouse clicks.

What would be the easiest way to achieve this?

Any help will be most apprretiated ! :-O
Updated 20-Feb-10 9:01am

Boris Milner wrote:
I'm quite a newbie at C# and WPF.

Then why do you have a 'need' instead of a 'want' ? Capturing video is widely documented. Once you do that, if you put it on a WPF media control, because of how WPF works, you can draw on top of it as easily as you could an image. But, with WPF, you end up creating paths that draw your line, instead of drawing the way you would in older technologies like winforms. It's still complex and not necessarily a beginner task.
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I am unsure how important this is for you, because I can't imagine what you tried before asking here.

This[^] will get your video on your WPF form from your webcam. As I said, in WPF you can draw anything you like on top of the integrated video control. This[^] is a Microsoft sample on how to create a drawing program in WPF. Combined, these two google searches took me less than a minute to find.
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Thanks for the quick response.

I do need to have this program running for an academic competition project me and my team are dealing with.

Could you please refer me to the best place to quickly acquire the knowledge to get things up and running?

I don't mind not to be able actually drawing but only put an icon over an (x,y) pixel chosen over the running video.

Thanks again.
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Thanks !
I'll try to dig in abit :-D
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