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I have a div tag in my aspx page. In that i placed a checkbox list. I want the div tag to be hidden on the page load and on click of the button i want the div tag to be displayed with the checkbox list. and the div tag should be scrollable. Please help me


In the declaration, add style="display:none;". So your div will look like:
<div id="someDiv" style="display:none;"></div>

This makes it hidden by default.

To show it, add following code in the button click:
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:document.getElementById('someDiv').style.display='inline';" Text="Button" />

This will show the div back. Or if you are using jQuery, the syntax is

For showing scroll by default, check css overflow property[^]

Hope this helps!
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komaliks 6-Jun-13 23:58pm    
Hi Ankur, I tried this option. but when i click on the button the div tag is appearing for few seconds and then disappearing. please help me on this
Prince Sagayaraj 7-Jun-13 1:12am    
you have to give "return false" in the OnClientClick. Otherwise it will call the server side event. So you lost the div.

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<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:document.getElementById('someDiv').style.display='inline';return false;" Text="Button" />
Ankur\m/ 7-Jun-13 7:19am    
Yes exactly. Thank you for adding.

Add the below Javascript code

function ShowDiv() {
           document.getElementById("dv").style.display = ""

Then Add the Below HTMl in the aspx page

<asp:button id="btnShowDiv" runat="server" text="Show Div" onclientclick="ShowDiv(); return false"  />
        <div id="dv" style="overflow-y: scroll; height: 100px; background-color: #FFFFFF;           width: 200px; display: none">
            <asp:checkboxlist id="cb" runat="server" xmlns:asp="#unknown">
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 1" value="1"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 2" value="2"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 3" value="3"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 4" value="4"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 5" value="5"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 6" value="6"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 7" value="7"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 8" value="8"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 9" value="9"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 10" value="10"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 11" value="11"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 12" value="12"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 13" value="13"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 14" value="14"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 15" value="15"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 16" value="16"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 17" value="17"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 18" value="18"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 19" value="19"></asp:listitem>
                <asp:listitem text="Check Box 20" value="20"></asp:listitem>

I hope this one will help you.

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