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Hello Every One,

I am working on a banking project where i need to print a pass Book for that i am getting all the printing records on DataGridview . Before giving print i am showing print preview . Here i want to print on pass book based on the columns in book that is i need to align the data that has to be printed on book.
I am doing this on windows form application.Here i am using printpreviewcontrol
in .net Even i am getting print preview as per my requirement but the thing is it s not getting printed. To check printer i typed some junk in word document and send to printer it is printing . Now the problem is in my code .Here is how i am writing code for printing

private void printDocument_PassBookDetails_PrintPage(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs ev)
    Font ObjFont = new Font("arial", 9, FontStyle.Bold);
    while (intPassBookStartLine < intPassBookEndLine)

                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[0].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 10, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[6].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 54, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[3].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 135, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[7].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 380, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[4].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 450, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[5].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 540, passbookStartLine);
                ev.Graphics.DrawString(DGV_Printing.Rows[intPassBookStartLine].Cells[8].Value.ToString(), ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 620, passbookStartLine);

                passbookStartLine += 20;
                intPassBookStartLine += 1;
//if it exceeds passbook region the next line must be printed in next page from starting point.
                if (passbookStartLine > 650)
                    passbookStartLine = 80;
                    ev.HasMorePages = true;
                    ev.HasMorePages = false;



Can anyone tell me actually whats wrong in code I am getting print preview as per my requirement but the thing is it is not printing.

If I hard code the data it is getting printed.

ev.Graphics.DrawString("29", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 10, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("01/01/2013", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 60, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("dgdfg cvbdf gdfgdfgd dfgdfg", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 135, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("987654", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 380, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("10000000", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 450, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("24000000", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 540, 680);
           ev.Graphics.DrawString("30000000", ObjFont, Brushes.Black, 620, 680);

Thanks in Advance,

Arun R.V
Updated 6-Jun-13 20:52pm
CHill60 7-Jun-13 5:37am    
What are the values in intPassBookStartLine and intPassBookEndLine?
Sunasara Imdadhusen 11-Jun-13 1:38am    
Are you getting any error?

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