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Hi all
I have a DataGrid
I fill the DG from a DB
It does fill in a split second so it does fill fast with the Data

But directly after my fill code I have code that gets me the cell info of the first row 3rd column of the DG
Which returns me Null

I feel what is happening is that the DG is just not quite loaded when cell info code runs

I have attached my cell info code to a button and it works fine

I'd love some help please



private void ArtistDataGrid_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
if (ArtistDataGrid.SelectedIndex >= 0)
var i = ArtistDataGrid.SelectedIndex.ToString();
System.Data.DataRowView lbi = (System.Data.DataRowView)ArtistDataGrid.SelectedValue;
var ArtistName = (lbi.Row[0].ToString());
labelArtistName.Content = ArtistName;
string WhichArtist = ArtistName;

juke_RWPF._VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtist _VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtist = ((juke_RWPF._VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtist)(this.FindResource("_VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtist")));
// Load data into the table GroupSongsByArtistqry. You can modify this code as needed.
juke_RWPF._VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtistTableAdapters.GroupSongsByArtistqryTableAdapter _VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtistGroupSongsByArtistqryTableAdapter = new juke_RWPF._VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtistTableAdapters.GroupSongsByArtistqryTableAdapter();
_VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtistGroupSongsByArtistqryTableAdapter.FillBy2(_VideoMusicjuke_RDataSet1_GroupSongByArtist.GroupSongsByArtistqry, WhichArtist);
System.Windows.Data.CollectionViewSource groupSongsByArtistqryViewSource = ((System.Windows.Data.CollectionViewSource)(this.FindResource("groupSongsByArtistqryViewSource")));

string myArtistPic = "";
TextBlock x = SongGroupDataGrid.Columns[2].GetCellContent(SongGroupDataGrid.Items[0]) as TextBlock;
if (x != null)
myArtistPic = x.Text;
string MyString = (x.Text);
char[] MyChar = { 'g', 'p', 'm', '.', ' ' };
string NewString = MyString.TrimEnd(MyChar);
string ArtistPicture = ((NewString) + (".jpg"));
ImageSource imgsr = new BitmapImage(new Uri(ArtistPicture));
PictureBox1.Source = imgsr;
Updated 18-Jun-13 22:11pm
Philip Stuyck 15-Jun-13 9:31am    
I think you will have to show what you have in order for anybody to help.
Clifford Nelson 18-Jun-13 20:38pm    
Just add it to the question with the pre tags to let it look like code. In a comment like this very hard to read.
anthp 19-Jun-13 2:50am    
Hi Clifford
Thanks for you advise i hope this is better
I am not sure about the pre tags



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