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Good afternoon all,

I have a question about Multi User applications in VB.Net.
On certain points in my application I want to give a message based on other users actions.
For example:

1 user clicks a button to print invoices from selected clients.
This means that other users can´t have the possibility to print invoices (or modifying the records that matches the invoice).
The main reason is that I have an invoice number wich I get from a database and you don't want this messes up.
So when user 2 click´s the same button I want my application to show a messagebox and tells the current user that user ... is processing the invoices and have to wait.

Is there somebody who can point me in the wright direction for this?
I think I have to use some sort of locking in a specific whay?
Kschuler 17-Jun-13 15:30pm    
So user 1 clicks a button to print invoices, and uses the next available invoice number...but that invoice number doesn't get incremented until the printing is done?....Why not just increment it when someone prints it? Could you explain more about why another user can't print?
MrteR 17-Jun-13 15:35pm    
First thank you for taking time to read my question.
That's correct, because it's possible to cancel the current printing "process", and when another user is also printing invoices, you've got a gab between your invoice numbers (or maybe double numbers)
That's not legal.
But this was just 1 example.
I want this to work also for example while processing records from the "sales" table to the "invoice" table.

Do you need more input?
Sorry maybe for my bad English ;)

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MrteR 8-Jul-13 14:30pm    
I'm amare of this kind of lockings.
I would actually know how you can make some sort of UI lockings. I want the end user is notified that he got to have patience because he can't proces the records to another table. This is because user "A" is doing that job. I wan't a same sort of message when user "A" want to print invoices, when user "B" is allready doing that job. Is there a way that you can monitor the other users activities or something else?

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