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dear sir/ma'am

sir i have a problem that i read omr sheets .my processing works well
and form num and barcode also fetch correctly.

but when i open any other window like google chrome or notepad or other then processing become affected and wrong entries fetch fromdatabase.

as i select course then click on processbutton

processing begin as

form no barcode
10 1895
21 1893
32 1855
43 9898

now suppose i open a new window like notepad
when process already started and form no 21 hasbeen processed

the answer become
form no barcode
10 1895
21 1893
322222 11555
322222 11555
this type of output i found but if i donot open any window then processing done correctly
Updated 18-Jun-13 21:18pm
Christian Graus 19-Jun-13 2:11am    
This is an insane question. Chrome or notepad won't stop your DB calls from working. Unless you are screen scraping, you are dead wrong. Either way, no-one can help based on this. Post code, explain your process, etc.
Christian Graus 19-Jun-13 2:20am    
Again, this is useless. We need to see your CODE.
Christian Graus 19-Jun-13 2:29am    
Honestly, if you think this is a reasonable question, then you really have no idea what you are doing. I am leaving for the day, hopefully someone else can penetrate this mystery with you.
ankur789 19-Jun-13 2:33am    
this is also an unwanted condition and i never find such like a problem so i do not understand why this condition occurs
RedDk 19-Jun-13 13:26pm    
Both interesting AND bizzare. Here's a question: "this type of output" ??? Meaning: the ssmse output in grid or text or results? Or are you refering to an "output" that you are post-processing using notepad? I see "SQL2000" tag and am baffled asking myself "why no upgrade" ...

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