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This is my first time posting here. Hoping someone could help me in my research.

I am looking for a very simple "Audio Pattern Matching" algorithm

that will serve a simple purpose.


Heres the scenario, I will make my voice as a means of password for a door to open.

If it doesn't match my voice then of course door will not open plus a standby video will eventually turn on.

This is just my idea for eventual security purpose.

BTW, we (my group mates) want to develop it in C++.

Thanks in advance for who can give me a link or idea on how to do this.
[no name] 25-Jun-13 3:40am    
Your question is just a thought bubble with no detail. How would you expect someone to read your mind and then present you with a link that solves the problem. You need to do a little work first and then come back with some solid question.
[no name] 25-Jun-13 4:05am    
I see...Newbie mistake. I'll edit my question then.
nv3 25-Jun-13 4:32am    
There is no such thing as a "simple" voice recognition algorithm. Everything that will work in practice will be rather complex and will require some deep understanding of signal processing and voice signal decomposition.

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Why don't you Google[^] for?
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H.Brydon 26-Jun-13 12:45pm    
Here's that +5 I promised you... :-)

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