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i am using query like below. I dont want to repeat contactno records. Only user with one phoneno should be shown.. i am using query like below but it is giving error like You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression 'cust_name' as part of an aggregate function.

new OleDbCommand("Select contactno,cust_name,gender,age,address,profession,nationality from table1 group by contactno", con);

If the selected fields: contactno, cust_name, gender, age, address, profession, nationality, can be found is multiple records, then you should select DISTINCT records.

Select distinct contactno,cust_name,gender,age,address,profession,nationality from table1

A group by clause is used if you want an aggregate of a field, ie: min, max, count, etc.

Hope that helps,

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Harpreet_125 2-Jul-13 9:52am    
i was trying to use like this. but it is not retreiving unique contact no records.. i dont know why..
Hi Friend,

I am sure in your record there could be same contactno but there would also difference in other information of respective contactno there must be a data redundancy and to over come to this situation you have to concatenate unmatched records of particular column of respective contactno.
i think this link would be helpfull to you to make a query[^].
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You aren't actually filtering to find records with only one phone number. What you could do is add a having clause like this:
Select contactno,cust_name,gender,age,address,profession,nationality from table1 
group by contactno,cust_name,gender,age,address,profession,nationality
having count(contactno) = 1
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