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i have table with one to many relationships

lodge_id int auto increament
name nvarchar(50)
active bit

another table
car_id int
lodge_id int fk to first table
car_use active

like that i have 17 tables in this case when i edit my form and the user add one row to car table i am currently doing this way

i am deleting all the rows from car table and then inserting once again because of uncertainty of user dont know which rows updated by user so is there any other ways?

note that user can add rows at edit time ...................
Updated 8-Jul-13 1:53am
Mukesh Ghosh 8-Jul-13 7:54am
Not clear to me. Can you tell what exactly you want to do?
Basmeh Awad 8-Jul-13 7:55am
which control you are using on your form??
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 7:57am
yes using gridview control
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 7:56am
yes i am using gridview control
StM0n 8-Jul-13 7:59am
I'm not quite sure, if I get a grip on your question... but it seems, that your data model is a little bit mixed up if you have to delete the whole content of a table.
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 8:02am
explained in details-------------

one table taxlodgment and another car etc
in car table multiple rows are there for one row of tax lodgment

so when user edit cars he can add / edit / update and currently i am deleting all rows from table cars and then inserting again so is there any other ways?

1 solution

you don't need to delete and insert every the begining when you are displaying data from table in your gridview set the first column of your datagridview to Visible=False
and fill that column with car_id
and at the time of saving data check
If DataGridView1.Item(0, YourRowIndex).Value = "" Then
   'Fire your update statement here
End If
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 8:21am
no user can update already inserted data
Basmeh Awad 8-Jul-13 8:23am
ya so whats the problem..the new data will get insert and the already inserted data will got updated
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 8:28am
ok so this will be a best way to do that right?
so i am taking it as solution
Basmeh Awad 8-Jul-13 8:30am
your choice:-)
Dholakiya Ankit 8-Jul-13 8:34am
ok (:)

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